The Last Remaining Competitive Advantage?

Much has been written about Generation Y and it usually boils down to how self-centred they are. It’s the Selfie Generation. But is this really true? Or is there a much more seismic difference?

What has really changed between Generation X and Y? In Generation X, the internet took off and it was the beginning of the 24-7 connected world. Then came Google and Social Media and suddenly (1) anything that could possibly be known can be known and (2) there is someone who knows about it and has probably shared it with the rest of the 7 billion people on this planet. Just ask Julian Assange and that US army guy who wants to be a girl (good job, by the way, salute!).

So what has happened? The ability to keep secrets has collapsed. Any company that still thinks it can actually con people into working for sub-market pay, or is conducting its affairs illegally or unethically, will be exposed in double-quick time. Same for governments. Ask the collapsing corrupt crony countries worldwide (mostly concentrated in the Middle East, for some reason).

This tsunami of secrets being divulged can only get larger, and I think the Star Trek utopian ‘moneyless’ world is within reach in about 30 years or so (change is happening at a geometric rate).

So what is left? How does any person, company or government compete? By logical deduction, when nothing can be kept secret, the only competitive advantage left in this world is HONESTY.

Honesty, and the trust it engenders, is the reason Google is taking over the world. People trust Google enough to put all their personal and work files in Gmail, Google Drive and Google+. To a lesser extent, people trust Facebook enough to put large chunks of their personal life there.

Companies like Microsoft are dying because they have previously shown themselves to be dishonest, and no amount of marketing is going to change that. The internet remembers EVERYTHING. Microsoft is as good as dead. Similarly, Samsung and Apple are tainted, and will be sent to the funeral pyre as soon as an honest substitute comes along.

Generation Y essentially expects companies to be honest, upfront and fair. That’s all. And they have the option to set up their own companies if they can’t find such companies. And they have. In fact, the very concept of ‘company’ is also headed for obliteration. It’s going to be a fun ride to the Starship Enterprise!

S0 stay honest people, it’s your competitive advantage.

Just my two rapidly-depreciating sen’s worth.

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Shuzheng certainly knows Helen Ang inside out and exposes her drivel for what it is. I only wish he would, for a short while, take a more prescriptive stance and be more supportive of the DAP instead of his current mode of whacking every single imperfect person out there. Malaysia needs a new government, and the lesser evil is Pakatan, like it or not. Let’s do this one thing first, then go back to whacking every evil thing.

書 政 shuzheng

Continued: Cina Helen, the Shamshul Malaiyoo zealot, who doesn’t know her Cina ethics

Are you a Helen Loonie?

Never go online without it. Here’s protection against Lim Guan Eng spit and … Helen Ang’s.

All happy families are alike, all unhappy families are unlike …. – Lev Tolstoy in Anna Karenina

The Malaiyoo Drumbeater

Joseph Lim, Helen Cina Ang: Why are they alike

Spitting is the defining quality in Helen Ang’s reportorial “analysis”, an acquired skill she sometimes brag about and which she had picked up from her propaganda-learning years in The Star and Umno’s NST. It is also the standard fare among her Malaiyoo soul mates and reporter-bloggers, both ex and current. Their sort of “analysis” is fairly clear-cut and starts like this: first decide where you stand, for Pakatan or against Pakatan; for Umno or against Umno; for DAP or against DAP; for Cina Ang or against…

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Gosh, found this post on Helen Ang which takes my breath away. Read it and you will be amazed!

書 政 shuzheng

Aku Cina Ang Two-in-One: Ridhuan Tee and gweilo Helen

Two-Faced Helen: Dulu Dapster of Troy, Kini Ang of Umno, two sides of the same coin. It is called a Bigot. Like Hannah Mama Yeoh and DAP politicians, Helen likes to hear her own voice – giving white man’s forked tongue speeches.


A common quality among politicians and their reporter-politician wannabes, both pro-Umno and pro-Pakatan, is their immense capacity for sanctimony and deceits even as they tie up their tongues into footsie knots, like Helen Ang’s employer Zaid Ibrahim. Or is it ex? It is talking more than they know. (For the wannabe list look up Rocky’s Bru.) Even the Aku Cina Helen name reeks of the same smell of duplicity.

Here’s Helen when in August 2010 she still had a job and a mouthpiece. The article, reproduced below (with emphasis added), is a third of its original length titled ‘Enforcing NEP on…

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Why is Helen Ang making like she’s a Muslim when she doesn’t even believe in God?

A short post.

There’s this blog by Helen Ang (here: which is a voluminous labelling factory. Names like Jerusubang, DAPster, etc. are in almost every other sentence as if nobody can have any opinions or values without being a Christian or political activist.

And the most amazing thing is this, Helen Ang is an atheist. She doesn’t even believe in God, and yet she can go on and on making like she cares for Islamic issues like proselytisation, apostasy, kafir, etc. I really don’t know how her many Muslim fans don’t even bother asking themselves how somehow who rejects God can go on talking about God like she cares. Don’t they question her motives, one of which is simply that she is an MCA supporter?

If I were a Muslim, and someone came to me talking like they care about my God but who is actually not a believer, I would be extremely wary. I would be far more trusting of someone who actually believes in God, truly fears God, even Christians or Jews, than someone who doesn’t and makes like she does.

Just my two rapidly-depreciating sen.

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Don’t forget, Jesus is also The Messiah in the Quran

There have been such inflammatory and relentless attacks against Christians and Christianity lately. In fact, at no other time have there been more unbridled frothing-at-the-mouth accusations hurled at Christians than in the Najib administration.

The latest is this (disputed) one by UMNO Youth:

The Facebook post read: “Jika anda setuju untuk jadikan KRISTIAN sebagai agama rasmi persekutuan Malaysia, teruskan sokongan anda kepada Pakatan Rakyat. (If you agree to make CHRISTIANITY the official religion of the federation of Malaysia, continue supporting Pakatan Rakyat.) ‘God bless you my son’.”

UMNO Youth claims this Facebook account is fake, although it has the same name as the (presumably) real one. Whatever.

The way these (presumably) Muslims go about attacking Christianity, you’d think it was a radically different religion altogether.

But wait a minute, don’t Judaism, Christianity and Islam come from the same roots? Don’t they all worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

And for Chrisianity and Islam, Jesus (or Isa) is a very major figure. How major? Well, I did some research and here’s what I found out:

1. As in the Bible, Jesus is also called Messiah in the Quran. In fact, English-speaking Muslims have no problem referring to Him as Jesus Christ, because that is exactly what “Christ” means — Messiah (i.e. Saviour).

2. In the last days, both the Bible and the Quran prophesy that Jesus Christ will return to judge humanity. If that’s not major, I don’t know what is.

3. Both the Bible and the Quran record that Jesus was born of Mary, a virgin. Get that? Jesus’ immaculate conception is common to both Christianity and Islam. Although the accounts of his birth differ, what does not differ is the high regard both the Bible and the Quran have for Mary — a young girl who obeyed God without question.

4. There are more mentions of Jesus (or Isa) in the Quran than there are mentions of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.). Again, Jesus must be a very major figure in the Quran.

5. There is an empty burial plot earmarked for Jesus in Mecca — right next to where Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) is buried. I guess Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) was rather fond of Jesus (at least the Quran’s version of Jesus).

6. Many of the miracles performed by Jesus are recorded both in the Bible and the Quran. In both Christianity and Islam, Jesus is revered for forsaking worldly possessions and putting God first.

7. And, both the Bible and the Quran record that Jesus was taken up into the heavens.

For some enlightenment, please watch this excellent UK ITV produced video — “The Muslim Jesus”:

Jesus Christ may not be exactly the same in Christianity and Islam, but He is very similar in both religions in many ways, and a very, very important figure indeed.

Let us, Christians and Muslims, remember who He is the next time anyone is tempted to pour scorn on the other’s path to the same one true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

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The wired world is going to make BN extinct.

Why? Because for crime to persist, the probability of detection and the severity of the subsequent penalty has to be lower than the likely payoff from the crime.

But in a wired world, where so many of our activities are recorded for posterity, the space for crime to go undetected is rapidly shrinking.

For example, when Najib tried to bribe the residents of Sibu in a by-election, the whole act was video-recorded and now sits on a million HDDs all over the world, being replayed, reposted and reshared after the customary revulsion. Here it is:

In the past, only those who heard Najib would be able to tell others about it. And, since this information is essentially hearsay, its credibility quickly diminishes.

But nowadays, Najib’s bribery attempt is as fresh as it ever was. It will essentially never fade away. It is no longer speculation that Najib attempted to bribe Sibu residents, it is an absolute fact.

Also, in the past, the message was separate from the evidence. Nowadays, the message is the evidence. For example, the video of Najib saying “You help me, I help you” is both the message and the evidence, and no further due diligence is required by the viewer.

Every day, our transactions are being silently tracked. Transactions done with credit cards, over the counter or through the internet are recorded in great detail. Our mobile phones can be tracked by GPS. Many vehicles are tracked by satellite. Cameras on the road record who’s driving where, and in shopping malls and car parks and near ATMs cameras record who does what.

Facebook records some people’s entire lives, YouTube records what we watch, Google Chrome records what we read and how we interact with others on the Web. Skype and mobile conversations are recorded somewhere, however briefly. Some of it not so briefly.

Put all that information together, run it through supercomputers, and entire lives can be reconstructed.

Yes, even the lives of Najib and Rosmah, as they found out to their chagrin recently. You see, our dear PM and his wife took the official jet  for a 4-day private holiday in Milan on taxpayers’ account and this was denied in Parliament. But the expensive detour was exposed by opposition politicians using, a web-based airplane tracking site.

Here is that sordid tale:

It is becoming extremely difficult to commit crimes because most crimes require more than one person to commit, and when more than one person is involved, there is always the possibly of someone blabbing. And blabbing has become so much easier than in the past, because anonymity has become so much easier to maintain on the internet.

All it takes is for someone to just click “Forward” and massive amounts of documents, pdfs, photos, videos, voice recordings and spreadsheets will be sent flying through the dendrites, neurons and synapses of this wired up world, which is soon to make the whole world function as one giant brain.

And that is how we got the Cowgate and Ampang LRT scandals exposed in high definition detail by Rafizi Ramli. Someone blabbed to him, and clicked “Forward”.

Just as it is impossible for your foot not to know what your hand is doing, soon it will be impossible for politicians to hide anything from ordinary citizens.

We’re not quite there yet, but we’re getting there.

Only one thing stands in the way — super accounts.

These are people who are outside the wired network and whose activities are not tracked by the network. Super accounts are now held by top politicians and CEOs of very large businesses but even here the walls are crumbling as ordinary people discover (through Wikileaks, for example) the treachery committed by these supposed keepers of the public trust. And strip these super account holders of their “super” status.

One day, there will be no more super accounts, and by that time I believe the wired world will be so pervasive that crime would be impractical to commit, for all intents and purposes.

In the meantime, it is quite evident that UMNO/BN has been permanently exposed for what it is, and no amount of propaganda is going to repair its reputation. The wired world has also made BN’s cheating in the elections so manifestly evident that no one doubts it happens to a very significant degree.

In the 13th General Elections, it is going to be nearly impossible for BN to cheat without being found out. Remember, it is nearly impossible to commit a crime without other people being involved. Well, a GE involves thousands and thousands of people, any number of whom can photograph, video-record, voice-record, Facebook post or Tweet evidence of cheating.

Cheating during the GE13 is going to be far more difficult to carry out than something more ‘closed door’ like the Cowgate or Ampang LRT scandals. And without cheating, BN is pretty much doomed as every internet poll shows the beleaguered incumbents losing by vast margins (at least 4-to-1, going up to 10-to-1, and sometimes as high as 70-to-1 in the case of that dirty little ditty, Janji Ditepati).

Yes, a crime-free utopia is not quite here yet, but a major change in Malaysia could very well be on its way, thanks to the wired world.

Me? I just want a Volkswagen Golf at half its current price.

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“You are the salt of the earth.” (Matthew 5:13a)

Recently, Helen Ang wrote another one of her hate-filled anti-Christian blog posts, spurred by Bishop Ng Moon Hing’s call for Christians to vote wisely for a better Malaysia in the GE13.

You can read her post here:

And you can refer to Bishop Ng’s message to Christians here: CFM – Letter GE 13 – English 18 July 2012

I won’t go into Helen Ang’s arguments, which are her usual fact-lite mish-mash of non-sequiturs, free association, misinformation and UMNO/MCA double talk. If Helen Ang wants to put out low-quality near-nonsense, that is her prerogative. In fact, all the better that she does, since her hate-filled no-head-no-tail rojak is probably doing a good job of sending fence-sitters over to the opposition.

However, embedded in her post was at least one attempt to abuse Bible scripture for her own ends which I cannot allow to go unchallenged.

Specifically, the scripture in question is the 13th verse from chapter 5 of the Gospel according to Matthew:

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” (Matthew 5:13)

In her glee to attack Bishop Ng’s message to Christians, Helen Ang pounced on this scripture and wrote:

Imagine if we were to take verse 13 and replace the word ‘salt’ with the word ‘BN’. “But if the BN loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” Wink.

Obviously, Helen Ang thinks the Bishop, who wrote in his capacity as  Chairman of the Christian Federation of Malaysia, was trying to goad Christians into overthrowing BN (the “salt”).

Unfortunately for Helen, the “salt” in Matthew 5:13 refers to Christians, and is in no way meant to be some code word for BN.

Let me explain.

Salt was a very valuable commodity in the first century. It was used to pay salaries (which comes from the Latin word salarium, which means salt) and was also used to preserve meat and flavour food. Without some salt in our diet, human beings would quickly suffer from chemical imbalances, fall ill and even die. In food, for example, just a tiny bit of salt makes all the difference between a plain meal and something full and hearty.

To be the “salt of the earth” means Christians are called to make the difference to make this world a better place for everybody in it. If we are apathetic, or lower our standards and adopt the “When in Rome, do as Romans do” policy, then we are indeed “no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot”.

There are plenty of online resources to help you understand the Bible. For example, for Matthew 5:13, you can go to

If you scan through all that literature, you’ll soon conclude that “salt” cannot be a metaphor for BN and is in no way meant to attack BN or anybody else. The only people referred to by the word “salt” in Matthew 5:13 are Christians.

For those who are not familiar with Christianity, the Bible verse which exposes Helen Ang’s rickety rhetoric comes from Jesus’ most famous sermon, the Sermon on the Mount.

This being one of the most well-known passages of scripture in the Bible makes me conclude that Helen Ang doesn’t know much about the Christian faith. At the very least, it can be safely assumed that she  didn’t bother to do any research before trying her hand at defiling scripture.

Remember this the next time you read Helen Ang’s raging and usually interminable invective about Christians, Christianity, “evangelicals”, DAP, Lim Guan Eng or Hannah Yeoh (surely Helen Ang’s most hated Christian on the face of this Earth).

Before I end, I appeal to all Christians to pray for Helen Ang. She is obviously someone who has been hurt by the wrong kind of Christians in the past and now blames Christians for everything and anything under the sun. Pray for God to heal her, and to give her wisdom and discernment, and the courage to come to the foot of the cross, look up, and see Jesus taking her sins upon himself. Amen.

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